Ceramic Films

Save Energy

3M’s Ceramic Window Films series help you keep the sun’s rays out, lowering your energy costs and protecting your home and office environment.  Imperceptible to the human eye, ceramic films help keep out heat generated by sunlight, maintaining your home or office cool and saving you money. Their unparalleled clarity, durability and low reflectivity are an ideal for protecting your valuables and saving energy for years.

Special characteristics of 3M ceramic films:

  • Amazing clarity
  • Low reflectivity day and night
  • Block over 99% of the sun’s UV rays
  • Keep out up to 80% of heat-producing infrared rays

No Metals or Dyes

3M Window Films Ceramic Series will look good not just the first year, but for years to come. Sputtered metal films can corrode, often changing color of the edges. Films that rely on dyes are prone to fading over time., changing to a purplish hue. By using advanced Ceramics, our film retains its color and appearance over time.

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