Are you working from home? With COVID-19 running rampant, many are finding their work routine completely uprooted. Whether setting up shop at the kitchen table or creating a complete home office, here are simple hacks to make your new work environment comfortable and productive.

Create a Daily Schedule

Many have put this on the top of their list of tips and for good reason. Routines are powerful and having a set schedule makes working from home as productive as possible. While your home schedule might not be as rigid as your office hours, having your workday framed with a start and stop time can help you keep work from bleeding over into the rest of your life.

Find or Build a Comfortable Working Corner

While allocating a designated room for your business needs is ideal, that’s often not possible for most families. A second best is identifying a comfortable place that allows you to spend a full day of productive work with minimum distractions and impact on your health (such as posture or eye tearing due to room lightning).

A traditional desk may be a safe bet although studies have reported other preferable environments such as bean bags, couches, sofas or other comfortable areas that let remote workers focus on their work while reducing stress.

Ensure Reliable Connectivity

Most office environments are well equipped in the event of power or Internet outages (UPS networks, back-up Internet providers and so forth). Ensuring good connectivity and bandwidth at all times is fairly important for most online workers.

This could be implemented through a combination of a back-up Wi-Fi provider, a mobile plan with extra data, or a mobile router which could be used outside of your house or at a coffee shop.

Walk Around

Get up and walk around if you are on non-video calls. As a result, It will keep the blood flowing and help add some variety to your day. Meanwhile, you’ll be getting a little bit of exercise and that’s never a bad thing for your mental and physical well-being.

Take A Break

Scheduling breaks in your day is essential for working at home. For instance, even a 10-minute walk outside (if possible) can be beneficial. Some research indicates that a simple 10-minute walking break can improve your problem-solving skills and productivity.

Drink Water

Access to clean drinking water at work is actually required by law in some countries. It can be really beneficial to drink water throughout the day. For instance, one researcher noted that “The evidence is that being hydrated is associated with better cognition and mental performance, and helps combat tiredness and fatigue, all of which can help organizational productivity”. This is a good tip, no matter where you work.

Determine a Productive View

Varying assignments may call for change of scenery. An outdoors view could be comforting and recreational, especially during brainstorming sessions and creating activities. A desk facing a wall may limit your distractions and help out with focusing on mundane tasks or high-pressure activities requiring a minimum level of distractions.

Find out what works best for you in different cases and take advantage of your freedom while picking the right spot. A quiet environment is required while conducting calls as a laundry machine or a vacuum cleaner won’t present you at your best light while aiming for a successful enterprise deal.

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