Security Film

Protect Your Home or Business

Whether it’s your office or your home, you want to ensure that your loved ones, employees and assets are protected.  3M Safety and Security Window Films, or fragment retention films, allow you to protect your assets and loved ones by lessening the damage caused by burglary attempts, destructive acts of nature and violent attacks.

Rather than breaking into hundreds of tiny fragments, 3M Safety and Security Window Films create an invisible protective layer that helps keep broken glass in place, keeping your assets and loved ones safe.

Prevent Crime
Your home’s most vulnerable part is its windows. Typical windows are easy and quick to smash, and therefore, a burglar’s preferred point of entry. 3M Security Window Films deter would-be felons by creating an effective barrier between your home and burglars.  By strengthening your windows with security films, you delay a burglar’s progress, increasing their risk and giving yourself more time to protect your home and loved ones.

Protect Yourself from Natural Disasters
There is little you can do to prevent natural disasters. Tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes and severe storms can cause major damage to your home and office.  High-winds and severe weather can easily cause windows to implode, sending shards of glass flying and injuring those inside and causing major property damage.  Protect your office building or home by installing 3M Safety and Security Films to retain broken glass in place.

Shield Yourself from Attacks
3M’s fragment retention films go through rigorous tests including bomb blasts and flying objects to ensure their durability. Protect your building from violent attacks and terrorism using 3M Security and Safety films to maintain the integrity of your building.

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