Often times, building managers, homeowners, and others have concerns about using window film. These concerns are usually due to common, but untrue myths. With the most common tenant complaints being about comfort, such as it being too hot, too bright, too cold, etc. these managers or homeowners have missed out on an opportunity for a long-term, cost-effective solution solving these concerns. 

Here are the top 5 most common myths about window film, and the truth behind them! 

1. Window film will cause the interior of the home or building to be too dark.

This is a concern for people because it worries them that they may have to use more artificial light. While this may have been true in the past, modern window films focus on specific wavelengths of light, such as infrared heat, but still allow a large portion of the visible light to be transmitted through the window. When window film is used, employee, tenant, or homeowner comfort is increased. The work or living area is cooler with less glare, so people are free to open the window shades and blinds. This allows more light in during the day, reducing the amount of artificial light needed.

2. Window film can cause the glass to break or crack.

There are several reasons glass may break or crack, but none of them are due to window film. Some of these reasons might be: 

  • Impact stress: Items hitting the window. 
  • Thermal stress: Absorbing the sun’s heat.
  • Flexing stress: From wind. 
  • Tensile stress: The sheer weight of the glass itself. 
  • Twisting stress: The window’s frame sags or the building’s structure shifts. 

Thermal stress is the only reason that can involve film because certain types can increase the heat absorbed into the glass. However, there are many other factors that play into this. This may be partial shaded windows, drapes too close to the glass, decals on the windows, or the glass type absorbing heat at a higher rate than usual. 

Manufacturers of window film run the necessary tests and provide tables and charts to the companies who offer professional installation so you’re aware of the films that should be used on certain types of glass. Types of glass that window film for solar control should not be used: 

  • Tinted glass that’s over 1/4” thick
  • Solid aluminum, solid steel or concrete window frames
  • Glass that has hardened sealant
  • Visibly damaged or chipped glass
  • Highly patterned, textured or reflective glass
  • Glass with triple panes
  • Laminated glass

3. Window film applied to insulated units will cause seal failure.

Window film has actually never been shown to cause seal failure. In fact, test results have shown that both residential and commercial units perform the same with or without window film. The only failure in testing came from a window manufacturing defect. While some window films aren’t intended for use on insulated windows, many on the market are. your window film installer will let you know which types to use on these windows. 

4. Window film is only for old homes or buildings.

While window film is a great benefit for older buildings or homes, modern windows can greatly benefit as well. Window film is installed in newly constructed buildings and modern with new and high quality windows. Window film improves protections against the sun’s harmful rays, fading, and increased safety.  

5. Window film is only a short term solution.

Higher quality window film offers an abrasive coating and adhesion technology that ensures that the specific requirements related to performance and appearance can be met over the long term, 20 years or more. After this time, the film can easily be removed and replaced with a new film. High quality film will not quickly discolor, either. Most window films are protected by ultraviolet inhibitors, guaranteeing that the films will not discolor over time. 10-year manufacturer’s material and labour warranties usually back up these claims. 

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